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Project Description
A simple, light weight and easy to use Game Engine created in XNA. Intended to help reduce time needed with coding and focus more on game creation.

This engine is still in the heavy development phase, but I hope you might find it useful. I intend to finish the basic features first, then write documentation, and then go back to some advanced features. If you have any comments, question, suggestions, please feel free to drop them here.


Implemented features:
  • Generally easy to use interface, most of the raw setup and methods are taken care of and automated. In the simplest method, simply create an object, and it will appear on screen.
    • Inheritance based system. If you can't find an object that does what you want, just extend a base class to customize it to your needs.
    • Component based system allows "plug-in" like functionality for many aspects of the engine, such as Audio, Physics, Networking and more. If you don't need that component, simply don't add it.
  • Simple rigid physics implemented by a modified JigLibX (Included in download).
  • Simple dynamic GUI. (With more GUI Components on the way)
  • First person game mode

Intended features:
  • Easy to navigate, in-depth documentation
  • Simple, easy to use interface, designed to help users spend less time coding the bare-bones pieces of a game, and spend more time writing the actual game. However, it is intended to be flexible enough that anyone wishing to can easily go deeper into the engine to customize it to their needs.
  • Many game types supported, such as First-Person Shooters, Third-Person Shooters and Real-Time Strategies
  • Console service for in-game debugging
  • Basic Networking abilities
  • Lightweight managed GUI
  • Basic AI capabilities
  • XML Storage capabilities for levels, menus, configurations and more

Please keep in mind that this engine is primarily intended for me to learn and for my use, but I am trying to keep it as generic as possible so that hopefully anyone can use it or modify it to their needs. However, I both work at an IT company and attend university, so I can only update this project whenever I happen to have the time. Generally, unless I see fit, such as a generally stable first build, or a completion of major features, there wont be releases, you'll just have to download the latest SVN revision and compile it.

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